Dacrom Trade – High Quality Hunting Services in Romania since 1994

Who We Are

Founded in 1994, Dacrom Trade have been organizing high quality hunting trips on some of the most representative and rich hunting grounds, almost all over Romania.

Romania’s amazing natural environment, together with our field staff’s high professionalism and vast experience, are just some of the advantages allowing us to meet your most exigent requirements… and more!

We take into account all your requirements, such as game and hunting type, period, group size, etc, and provide you with personalized service packages, to make sure your hunting trip is a complete success.

We always GUARANTEE the presence of the desired trophies on the hunting ground!


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What We Do

Brown Bear Hunting

Red Deer Hunting

Wild Boar Hunting

Chamois Hunting

Roe Deer Hunting

Small Game Hunting

About Romania and Its Hunting Fauna

Located in South-Eastern Europe, Romania benefits from a temperate climate and diversified landscape, ranging between Black Sea level and Carpathian mountains heights. Romania’s outstanding natural conditions are favorable for over 20 mammal species suitable for trophies and over 20 bird species of hunting interest.

The hunting fauna, entirely wild and amazingly vigorous, along with being able to hunt in areas practically untouched by humans, will provide you with unique and memorable experiences, as well as high chances to get the desired trophies.

Bear and chamois hunting put Romania on a well deserved first place in Europe.

Important Information Regarding Hunting in Romania

Hunting License

In order to hunt in Romania, applicants must:

  • be members of a hunting association in their origin country;
  • hold a permit for hunting weapons in their origin country;
  • have a valid insurance against hunting accidents, valid in Romania.

Fire Arms

Only hunting with fire arms is allowed in Romania.

Entering Romania

You can carry a maximum of 2 guns and 50 cartridges / 100 shot shells per gun when entering Romania, and you need a hunting invitation previously sent by us.